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18 Oct 2016

Ide Shoten (井出商店) - Ramen Wakayama, Osaka

If you are planning your holiday, we will always check out places to visit and eat. Glad we discovered from travel cnn. For ramen lovers, you are not going to miss "Japan's most delicious" - Ide Shoten’s Wakayama. 

We joined the long queue to try this Ramen highly recommended. The ramen is very tasty but the shop is too small and long waiting cue line. Probably because of lunch hours. 

-Shoyu (Soysauce) 
Shoyu style ramen originaly began to be eaten in Wakayama around the old streetcar stations that were located in central Wakayama.
The soup is dark brown but tastes light and simple.
This flavor is the predominant flavor of Wakayama Chuka-soba.

-Tonkotsu Shoyu (Pork bone and Soy broth) . Tonkotsu Shoyu style soup has a rich and smooth taste, intertwined with the flavor of pork and soysauce.
Wakayama is well known throughout Japan for its speciality, Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen.
Both kinds of ramen have thin and straight noodles.
Usual toppings include : pickled bamboo shoots (Menma), green onions,fish cake (Kamaboko), hard-boiled eggs (Nitamago) and slices of roasted pork (Chashu).

Perfectly chewy noodles

This renowned Wakayama Ramen restaurant is the place to savor tonkotsu shoyu (pork bone broth and soy sauce soup) ramen with a complex, smooth flavor. Cooked eggs and mackerel sushi on tables are the traditional appetizers.

Everyone love ramen and we eat a lot of it, especially when we are in Osaka or Tokyo. From now on, I’ll just direct them there. Get there at 11:30 a.m. when they open, or be prepared to wait in a long line. Definitely check this place out!

How to get there: 
Exit from Wakayama JR station, walk straight and turn left at Kokutai Road. Then, walk straight until you reach Sannen-zaka Dori. Ide Shoten is on the left.

Ide Shoten, 4-84 Tanaka Town, Wakayama City; 11:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m., closed on Thursday

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