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27 Jun 2016

Pulau Tikus Market Ban Chang Kueh

Have you tried this delicious Ban Chang Kueh in Pulau Tikus Market? The pan of the Ban Chang Kueh is 20 inches which can be cut into 8-10 pieces. 

17 Jun 2016

Pocket Informant for Android

Pocket Informant is an integrated calendaring and task management solution for mobile devices. We bring together both your calendar events and your task list into one application, eliminating the need for isolated locations for each. We offer a full range of customizable features to benefit your busy life. Whether you need an easily updated daily schedule or reminders to send that important email, we offer the tools to fit your needs.

7 Jun 2016

Coconut drink in Abut Siti Lane - Anba Coconut

Do you like Coconut ?  Well coconut water is actually the juice present inside the interior cavity or endosperm of young, tender coconut. Its water is one of the nature’s most refreshing drinks, consumed worldwide for its nutritious and health benefiting properties.

5 Jun 2016

Visiting Zhouzhuang Water Village Part 2

Zhouzhuang, known as Zhenfang Lane in ancient times, is located southeast of the city of Suzhou and to the Southwest of Kunshan. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Zhouzhuang was a part of the King of Wu and called Yaocheng. It was called Zhouzhuang after ZhouDigong donated more than 200 acres to the local Quanfu Temple during the Yuan Dynasty (1860). By the mid-Yuan Dynasty, Wanshan Shen was using its superior geographical advantage to do trade, hence, Zhouzhuang became a distribution center of food, silk, ceramics, arts and crafts in the south of China. It was officially named Zhouzhuang town on the beginning of Qing Dynasty.
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