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27 May 2016

Ocean Grove Mosaic, Shanghai - Nanjing

Chuan Cuisine, originating from Sichuan Province in southwestern China, is the most widely served cuisine in China. The dishes of Chuan Cuisine are famous for their hot-spicy taste and the flavor of Sichuan pepper that are rare in other regional cuisines.

23 May 2016

Yin's Sourdough Bakery and Cafe, Penang

Spot this place after having a delicious set lunch in Yin's Sourdough Pizza Wisma Yeap Chor Ee . I picked the carrot cake because its my favourite. It was the best carrot cake ever. Not sickly sweet, moist and light. Not dense and heavy with oil. I found the cake not too sweet perfect.

20 May 2016

02/ THE INTERLACE Singapore

Completed in 2013 to 1040 units of private apartment units, the Interlace's ground-breaking architecture style breaks away from Singapore's standard topology of isolated apartment towers by dramatically interlinking the blocks together to create a expansive interconnected network of living and communal spaces set against a thriving green natural environment. 

15 May 2016

Experience with Lazada Malaysia - Boomwave Excell Series Extra Large 17” Laptop Bag XL002

Shopping online can save you money especially when you can get online savings codes, deals of the day, no taxes charged and free shipping offers. That is the fantastic idea to shop online. Online stores have experienced a tremendous growth in recent years. Smart retailers are responding with improved user-friendly sites, more direct promotional events, enticing customer loyalty programs and good old-fashioned customer service.

10 May 2016

Yin's Sourdough Pizza @ Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, Penang

Yin's Sourdough Pizza- a place you won't want to miss. All their breads including the delicious pizza dough are naturally fermented with their sourdough culture of only flour and water. There are no baker yeast added. They only use the most basic ingredients to ferment their bread, no chemical addictive, softerner or preservative. Their ingredients are locally sourced froom local farmers with organic nature in mind. You can assured that only the finest and fresh produces are being used from farm to plate. Their sausages and Grandma's roasted minced meat are hand- made in the kitchen, chicken-deboned, minced, and mixed with herbs and spices then roasted to perfection. 

9 May 2016

Vertex 42 Excel Templates Calendar ,Weekly,Business download

Create your own weekly planner using our Free Printable Weekly Planner template for Excel. Our weekly planner was designed to allow you to print weekly planner pages for letter-size 3-ring binders. If you're schedule is extremely packed, you can try our daily planner

4 May 2016


The colorful rainbow staircase of Cihangir, Istanbul.

The minimalist movement has taken over Instagram by storm. A huge group of ardent believers are dedicating their effort to producing sets after sets of clean, uncluttered, almost OCD-like images that celebrates the simplicity of life around us.

2 May 2016

Eggette Lab 蛋仔工坊 , Gurney Plaza, Penang

If you been to Hongkong you must try their delicious street snack food gai daan tsai or egg waffle. Instantly recognizable, the gai dan jaai is a golden cake of miniature egg-shaped balls attached to each other like a piece of oversized bubble wrap.  

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