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18 Apr 2016

Kong Thai Lai ,Hutton Lane(惹蘭亞丁) Penang

Have u heard of Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop? The shop has been around for a century but it will soon be close. Why would a popular spot of kopi-tiam with its crunchy toast -kaya and butter, and dark black kopi-o has been given notice to move out by June.
If you happen to be in Kedai Kopi Kong Thai Lai take note of the favourite table always occupied the late Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew - the founder of Honda Malaysia whenever he visited the coffee shop for his delicious breakfast.

Hutton Lane(Jalan Hutton) is a road from Penang Road to junction of Larut Road, Jalan Bawasah; just directly opposite the Kentuky Fried Chicken. The road is intersected by Transfer Road and Amoy Lane, the off roads are Swatow Lane and Nagore Road.

The road is named after Dr James Hutton, one of the first doctors in Penang, who arrived in 1805. He is the first civilian medical practitioner in British Malaya. He also render his part time service to convict labour force in Penang. In 1805, Dr Hutton was the only registered doctor practicing in George Town. The part of Hutton Lane from Penang Road to Transfer Road is within the Buffer Heritage Zone of Georgetown, a heritage city by UNESCO.

Since it will be closing down, do drop by if you have the time. Don't miss out this opportunity of enjoying their delicious breakfast since 1920 when his grandfather opened this coffee shop.

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop
6 Hutton Lane, Georgetown , 10050 Penang
Operation Hours : 7am -4pm ( Closed on Sunday )

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