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21 Mar 2016

Ramen Setagaya Haneda Airport

We are glad that we landed in Haneda Airport formally known as Tokyo International Airport, located less than 30 minutes south of central Tokyo, considerably closer to the city center than Narita Airport, Tokyo's other airport. 

The best airport we have ever been. They had a lots of different restaurants, stores and definitely you will entertained with so many activities there. The best place to have a hot bowl of ramen before your departure. 

Friendly servers and ramen chefs. At home atmosphere. Best of all it's cheap. For an airport restaurant (that is affordable), this is a great option. 

The broth is rich and the pork is cooked to perfection. Great spot to get ramen and inside the airport. Do try when you are at Haneda airport. :) Oiishii!!!

Ramen Setagaya Haneda Airport
2-6-5 Haneda airport, Ota 144-0041, Tokyo Prefecture
羽田国際空港ターミナルビル4F 江戸小路
Ōta, 東京都 〒144-0041

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