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7 Mar 2016

Char Koay Teow Lorong Selamat, Penang

When you mentioned Char Koay Teow everyone loves it. There are many stalls selling delicious char koay teow but have you tried the one at Lorong Selamat ? The Auntie with the red beret manning the stall is the lady chef busy with her wok at all the time.

So how long do you need to  wait for a plate ? Estimate of waiting time 30 minutes for my char kway teow sometimes longer ( avoid lunch period ) . While waiting for the Auntie to finish frying your char koay teow sit back relax and have a bowl of ice kacang to cool down the hot temperature outside. As for me I was busy with my Fuji XT1, taking snap shots of her. ( luckily she never tell me to stop )

The charcoal fire gives the plates of char koay teow a distinct smokey complex flavor which cannot be achieved using gas stoves.  

A plate of Char koay teow is RM10

Finally a hot plate of Char Koay Teow arrived. It was so tasty and delicious with the fresh big prawns. One plate is always not enough for me. 

Penang Char Koay Teow @ Lorong Selamat
108, Lorong Selamat, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
+60 16-269 2222
Opening Hours: 11am - 6pm / Closed on Tuesdays


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