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27 Mar 2016

Nasi Kandar Pelita Tesco Egate, Penang

If you do your groceries in Tesco @ Egate, do try out their delicious murtabak in Nasi Kandar Pelita. Murtabak is a wrapped roti canai filled with minced meat curry with eggs and onion. Normally comes in huge serving with pink pickled onions , and curry. The pink pickled onions go so well with the murtabak. 

21 Mar 2016

Ramen Setagaya Haneda Airport

We are glad that we landed in Haneda Airport formally known as Tokyo International Airport, located less than 30 minutes south of central Tokyo, considerably closer to the city center than Narita Airport, Tokyo's other airport. 

13 Mar 2016

Torre de Belem

Standing on the beautiful waterfront at Belem near the River Tagus is the Torre de Belem, the most iconic symbol of Lisbon. It was used to be a lighthouse , eventually built as a defensive fortress on the orders of King Manuel I. 

7 Mar 2016

Char Koay Teow Lorong Selamat, Penang

When you mentioned Char Koay Teow everyone loves it. There are many stalls selling delicious char koay teow but have you tried the one at Lorong Selamat ? The Auntie with the red beret manning the stall is the lady chef busy with her wok at all the time.

4 Mar 2016

Teppan-yakisoba-tako-yaki BOTEJYU EXPRESS at Tokyo Dome City , Tokyo

Botejyu Express is in the GO-FUN food court area in the Tokyo Dome City which consists of the Tokyo Dome (multipurpose stadium for sporting events such as professional baseball and concerts), Tokyo Dome City Attractions (amusement park facility), the Korakuen Hall (venue for martial arts such as boxing), LaQua (commercial complex with a hot spring and spa facility) and the Tokyo Dome Hotel.

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