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25 Feb 2016

Restaurant Express All Hack With Fiddler with Google Chrome

Facebook’s hit game Restaurant City is back and this time it comes with the new name Restaurant City 2016. It is almost same as the old game which we featured 4 years ago, First it was developed by Playfish and it was hugely successful then all the hacking came into play and that make players angry who spent their real money on the game and that made Restaurant City hard to survive and many players left because of it. Then EA jumped in and after a short year EA decided to close it down for good. Many players were very upset about the decision and since then many Facebook pages are still active till today being a bridge between all the fans of Restaurant City.

Restaurant Epxress All Hack Inludes,Shop hack,Level Hack and Others.

In order to hack download all the file below and check out the pictures. 

If you need help please contact me on my Facebook 

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