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7 Feb 2016

Las Cuevas del Duque, Madrid , Spain

Las Cuevas del Duque Restaurant, a cozy place where you will find a friendly, attentive and professional service, discreet and personalized. You will taste for quality Spanish cuisine, both traditional and modern. Enjoy their culinary specialties and their creativity.You will delight savoring their prestigious wines from theircountry.

The team of Las Cuevas del Duque Restaurant, formed by Juan Antonio Oeo as Director, and Carlos Hernamperez as Head Chef, offers you the highest quality raw materials treated and prepared in a traditional way, with an unbeatable value-price.

Delicious Asparagus Soup and Delicious Grill Roast Chicken

Iberian Ham of Acorn (Pata Negra)

Celebrate your most special moments in Las Cuevas del Duque Restaurant: romantic dinners, private lunches, business lunches, birthdays, communions, etc.. 

Las Cuevas del Duque, 
Calle de la Princesa, 16, 28008 Madrid, Spain
+34 915 59 50 37


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