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17 Feb 2016

Get LINE stickers from other country via VPN

Line is a free instant messaging app and currently over 200 million users. I love to use line because they have lots of Line stickers. Somtimes you can get it free in various countries. Lets learn how to download stickers from other countries for free.

If you have already registered with your Phone Number and registered with an User ID - just click DELETE MY ACCOUNT. 

Take Note :

1. Do not register your phone number on LINE. Just register your E-mail and Facebook account instead.

2. Remember to backup your chat history. All your chat records will be deleted.

Step 1
You must install

Step 2
  • Open EasyOvpn - Choose the country you like
  • Select and click - Connect

Step 3
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Go to Line
  • Click on End Button
  • Click on to Stop to force the Line to stop working. 

Step 4
  • Choose the stickers you like and click download

Step 5

  • Once you downloaded all the stickers register your line users with your Phone Number and all your stickers you downloaded earlier will be on your phone till it expire. 


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