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15 Jan 2016

Restaurante Grande Hong Kong, Lisbon Portugal.

Our tour was well planned and the tour arranged us to have a wonderful chinese meal in Restaurante Grande Hongkong in Lisbon, Portugal. We were craving for Chinese cuisine after the 3rd day.  

Whenever we get to any overseas city, the first thing we will do is to find a Chinese restaurant, it's something root deeply inside our blood. Simply because Chinese people love Chinese Food, we can not live without it! And Chinese people are everywhere!

It's pretty easy to find Chinese restaurant owned by Chinese family from Lisbon. Visit Lisbon, and you can have your chinese food. Some dishes might not taste the same as back home, but when you are hungry everything is delicious. 

Restaurante Grande Hong Kong
Rua António Saúde 18 -D
1500-049 Lisbon
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Phone number +351 217 742 017

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