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11 Jan 2016

How to Get Unlimited Facebook LIKES For Free?

Do you wish to get more free likes when you post something on your facebook page? Well just follow the steps below its free and easy . 

Pic 1

Follow the steps here:
1. Go to Likeeer 
2. Click Access Token Generator ( on your top right hand corner )

Pic 2

3. Follow Picture 2
( take note you need to click to "PUBLIC" )

Pic 3

4. Click " Get an Access Token " 
you will see the token like this

All you need to do is to copy
Example :

to paste on the page and click submit above Pic 3

Pic 4

5. Successfully done- Click Continue to Likeer

Pic 5

6. Take note you will see Statuses,Photos ,Custom ID
Under the Statuses I will see **** TESTING LIKEEER PHOTOS **** - Just click submit. After clicking submit I did not see the "LIKE" increase. 


 Pic 6

Pic 7

7. Just follow the steps on the Pic 6 and Pic 7.
Go to your Facebook Settings - look for FOLLOWERS and click to EVERYBODY.

Pic 8

8. After Step 7 just click the "SUBMIT" again and refresh your facebook page. 

Pic 9

9. Take note of the Pic 9, you will notice from 0 like - increase to 20 - increase to 47- if you need more likes just repeat the steps. You need to wait for 3 seconds for the next slot. Have fun and enjoy. 

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