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30 Jan 2016

Breakfast Nasi Lemak @ Sri Weld Food Court, Beach Street , Penang

If you are a big fan of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf check out their stall in Sri Weld Food Court, Beach Street. You will notice the stall right in front of the entrance. 

Malaysians love nasi lemak so much that we can eat it any time of the day. The fragrance of the coconut rice served with sambal and garnished with crispy ikan bilis or fried fish its always mouth watering. 

Nasi Lemak fried fish with the delicious sambal is my all time favorite, you will never go wrong with this kind of combination.

Don't worry about carpark, its beside Sri Weld Food Court, one big parking space. 

Ali Nasi Lemak
Sri Weld Food Court
Beach Street,
10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 016 - 407 0717 (Encik Ali)
Business Hours: 7:00am - 4:00pm (Closed on Sun)


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