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28 Dec 2015

Why do I need a credit card with PayPal ?

If you have money in your PayPal account you can use it to pay for any purchases made on line as long as there is a bank or a credit card linked to the account. If your PayPal account does not have either a bank or credit card linked to it, you will not be able to use any money
on your PayPal balance towards any payment on line.

Question :
My paypal account is not connected with any Debit card or credit cards. Can I recieve money from others to that paypal account? And I want to use that money to make payments to Tabiyo

Paypal sends out payments to your bank account and it doesn't matter if you've linked your card or not. Paypal acts like a middleman during all your transactions. However, you can't SEND any money from a PayPal Account, even if it has a positive balance and you're trying to send less money than you have in the account (Even though your account balance is sufficient to pay), you still can't send any money until you link a Credit/Debit Card or a bank account to your PayPal account.

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