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11 Dec 2015

What it's like to wear Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo - Black

By now you’ve probably heard of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo sneakers- Black. The Chuck Taylor is arguably the most iconic sneaker in the world, undergoing an unprecedented evolution in the cultural landscape since its debut in 1917. 

RM 189.90

A popular basketball shoe for much of the 20th Century, somewhere along the way the Chuck became a signifier of a certain kind of cool, coveted by rockers, skaters, rappers, and anyone with a rebellious spirit. Messing with such an iconic product represented a huge risk for Converse, a fact that was emphasized by the extensive market research that was done before creating the Chuck II.

I love these shoes! You can't go wrong with classic Chuck Taylor's. I love the black style. These shoes will NEVER go out of style!!! My Solid Black Chucks are versatile and match with just about every outfit. They are part of my large collection of chucks
I DO recommend these shoes to ANYONE! go ahead and grab yourself a pair!
Merry Christmas!

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