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6 Dec 2015

Apom manis @ Swee Kong Coffee Shop, Pulau Tikus

Our favourite place to have the delicious apom manis will be at Swee Kong Coffee shop, Pulau Tikus. This is the most famous Indian apom in town. 

Take note of the 5 stoves prepared over the charcoal. The stall started from 6am untill completely sold out that is around 9.30am. The charcoal flame is very strong so the apom took less than a minute or two to cook. Managing the charcoal flame needs experience so as not to burn the apom.  Juggling among the 5 stoves make the task of baking the apom more difficult and interesting to watch. 

There are 2 options. You can have the plain type of egg type. The original Indian recipe for apom does not contain egg ( plain version ). Sometimes egg are added for fragrance. We love the original version- plain type. 

RM 4 - 5 Pieces

Hungry beautiful girl

If I am not mistaken its one of the oldest apom manis stall in Penang. It started since 1920 and family run business ever since till now at Swee Kong Coffee Shop. 

Apom Manis Stall
Kedai Kopi Swee Kong,
Solok Moulmein, Pulau Tikus
Business hours: 6am till finish (around 9-10am)
Closed on Thursday and occasionally on Monday


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