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3 Nov 2015

ChinaMate-Unblock Youku

Tutorial [教程] • 03 NOVEMBER 2015 
If you are movie fanatic just like me and a android user, download Chinamate - to connect websites in Mainland China. ChinaMate - unblock Youku, PPS, Tudou, iqiyi...Its very easy to install all you need is to go to Google Play Store and click download .

Once downloaded there will be Server 1 , Server 2, Server 3, and Server 4. Click whichever Server you like. For me I use Server 1. Click GO

All the programmes below you will be able to watch. Choose your favourite. 

I am always No. 1 Youku fan. So I will always choose Youku to watch the latest movies.

Take note of the "PLAY FULL VIDEO" - choose the video quality- SD, SUPER HD or MP4-HD

After that sit down relax and watch your movie. 

Download : Chinamate Unblock Youku on Android

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