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25 Nov 2015

Astro Multiroom - 2nd decoder

Tutorial [教程] • 25 NOVEMBER 2014
Recently I received a call from Astro regarding the 50% of for your Second Decoder. I was thinking what is it, and she explained to me that with the 2nd decoder I could watch different channels in different rooms at the same time. All I need is to subscribe to a second decoder within the same home.  

After a few days of consideration , we decided to fix the 2nd decoder in our apartment. So we call the Customer Care Consultants at 03 7494 5050 / 1300 82 9888 . Tell them you want to have the 2nd decoder and they need your existing Astro Account or IC number for verification. They will arrange the Technician to install for you. 

Take Note :
  • Contract with Astro for the 2nd decoder - 2 years. After 2 years no penalty. 
  • Free Installation
Every month my Astro bill - RM 87.95
Install the 2nd decoder, I need to pay 50% of ( RM 87.95 ) my astro bill - RM 43.97 
So instead of paying RM 87.95 every month now I need to pay RM 131.92 ( included my 2nd decoder)

The 2nd decoder must be installed at the same registered home address as the first decoder. 

Package Size (WxHxD)
924 x 503 x 127 mm
Set Size with Stand (WxHxD)
745.4 x 466.6 x 150.5 mm
Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)
745.4 x 442.2 x 69.0 mm
Package Weight
5.53 kg
Set Weight with Stand
3.82 kg
Set Weight without Stand
3.73 kg

We bought a new Samsung LED 32'' Series 4 LED TV SAM-UA32J4005 from Seng Heng. Price RM 929 reduced to RM 799. We love this LED TV because of the build in USB memory drive so we can enjoy watching movies I have downloaded into my USB pen drive.So far it support MP4, MKV and AVI. We don't need to buy another video player. 

Samsung LED 32 does not come with a bracket to mount on the wall- we need to buy a bracket from Seng Heng. It only come with a free stand. 

Astro 2nd Decoder

For us, we asked the Astro for their Technician contact, so we call them directly and arrange the time to fix in our home. The Astro Technician are very efficient they came and fix our 2nd decoder very quickly.  Now we are able to watch Astro in our room. 


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