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23 Nov 2015

70's Ice Ball, Armenian Street, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 23 NOVEMBER 2015
Especially on weekends, Armenian Street will be crowded with tourists and locals. As we were walking along the street, we saw the store was crowded with customers. So we walked nearer to check it out (KPC) and were surprised to see a stall selling the ice ball. We have never tasted ice ball before, besides ice kacang.  Has anyone else tried it?

On the corner Armenian Street , a shave ice vendor with homemade tropical syrups. You can choose your favourite flavour. One secret to know about: you can mix 2 flavour together. Our favourites ( Laici and Sarsi ) great combination. All time favourites - Ice ball with sour plums RM 3.00 or choose other topping of the day Rose, Orange, Sarsi, Mango, Rebina, Laici. 

The beautiful girl is waiting for the iceball.

Where is the location? Check out the LORONG SOO HONG , you will notice their small store. Take note of the wonderful street art on the wall... you will find the store eventually. 

I bet during those days - 70's it will be a lot cheaper ... but now it cost RM 3.00 , but definately worth trying it especially during the hot sunny day after a long walk in Armenian Street. We will go there again on my next visit.

Armenian Street
10200 George Town, Penang.


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