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28 Nov 2015

Hotel Alfonso VI Cafeteria, Spain

Hotel Alfonso VI has a privileged location, opposite the Alcazar, seat of the Army Museum, next to the Cathedral and New Congress Palace, allowing to discover Toledo the easiest and most comfortable way in a pleasant walk. The views from most rooms will leave you amazed, the Cathedral and Los Cigarrales.

25 Nov 2015

Astro Multiroom - 2nd decoder

Tutorial [教程] • 25 NOVEMBER 2014
Recently I received a call from Astro regarding the 50% of for your Second Decoder. I was thinking what is it, and she explained to me that with the 2nd decoder I could watch different channels in different rooms at the same time. All I need is to subscribe to a second decoder within the same home.  

23 Nov 2015

70's Ice Ball, Armenian Street, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 23 NOVEMBER 2015
Especially on weekends, Armenian Street will be crowded with tourists and locals. As we were walking along the street, we saw the store was crowded with customers. So we walked nearer to check it out (KPC) and were surprised to see a stall selling the ice ball. We have never tasted ice ball before, besides ice kacang.  Has anyone else tried it?

22 Nov 2015

How to visit Terracotta Army in Xian

Xian [西安] • 22 NOVEMBER 2014 
The Terracotta Army is one of the top attractions in China you must visit. But who discover the Terracotta Army? Terracotta Army Discovered in China (1974): On March 29, 1974, three farmers were drilling holes in the hopes of finding water to dig wells when they came upon some ancient terracotta pottery shards. It didn't take long for news of this discovery to spread and by July a Chinese archaeological team began excavating the site.

19 Nov 2015

How To Add A Logo Watermark To ALL of your YouTube Videos

Tutorial [教程] • 21 NOVEMBER 2014
When we are on holiday we took some videos and thinking of uploading it to youtube. We were figuring it out how to watermark our video. Here are some useful tutorials to help those who wish to watermark their videos too.

15 Nov 2015

Street Market , Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon [里斯本] • 15 NOVEMBER 2015 
Easily accessible (metro station Rato ), just outside Basilica da Estrela it does worth spending your time walking the narrow streets in this open market. It is an interesting flea market of bits and bobs ranging from the usual touristy stuff, to clothes, toys and antiques.

11 Nov 2015

Reinstalled Windows 7 and now won't connect to the internet

Tutorial [教程] • 11 NOVEMBER 2015
I had a Asus desktop that had Windows 7 pre -installed. After a few years and lots of problems I determined that I needed to reinstall Windows 7. After reinstall Windows 7, there is no internet connection. It says "No connections network adapter missing"

10 Nov 2015

Soya Bean Curd @ Pulau Tikus Market, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 10 NOVEMBER 2015  
Walk down on the markets you can always find good delicious local food. Everytime we will stop by Pulau Tikus Market, and order the best soya bean dessert tau hua and a glass of hot soya bean milk. 

8 Nov 2015

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 - my favourite phone

Tutorial [教程] • 08 NOVEMBER 2015 
This is the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. It's a large smartphone with a big 6-inch screen. I have this phone since December 2014, and I love the size and very comfortable with the big screen that's the main reason I bought it. 

5 Nov 2015

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream @ Burma Road, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 05 NOVEMBER 2015 
Came here to accompany my niece to buy a cake for her mom birthday and found the perfect one in the freezer display. Went up to the register and the lady came to help us right away. She asked my niece if she wanted something written on the cake and she said "Happy Birthday, Mom" 

Ice cream cake RM 95 - 6 inch

3 Nov 2015

ChinaMate-Unblock Youku

Tutorial [教程] • 03 NOVEMBER 2015 
If you are movie fanatic just like me and a android user, download Chinamate - to connect websites in Mainland China. ChinaMate - unblock Youku, PPS, Tudou, iqiyi...Its very easy to install all you need is to go to Google Play Store and click download .

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