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12 Oct 2015

Swamp Attack get Unlimited Coins

Game [遊戲] • 12 OCTOBER 2015
If you are bored download Swamp Attack - entertaining games for iOS and android devices. At the beginning of the game its very simple as the game progress it will be a little bit difficult to play because you need to earn more coins to upgrade upgrade your weapons, explosives, defense.

In order to play the game you need to have Energy to start your level. Energy is what you need to continue playing while you can get it for free as it is replenishing automatically over time, you can also get additional energy by spending premium boost.

Take note your main character will be sitting on a rocking chair to defend all incoming enemies.
If you are addicted to swamp attack game, you would know your enemies. You need to prevent yourself and your beautiful house from those enemies. For this you need powerful weapons and you can purchase new weapons by purchasing them through coins and upgrade it. Take note of your weapon reload time. Its kinda slow.

** Weapons **
Shotgun (12) - Not very fast but nice spread
Double Shotgun (16) - Double power, double the action, double the excitement!
Uzi (416) -Very fast. More effective at close range
M16 (240) -Powerful and precise weapon, great at long range
Flamethrower (300) - Sets monsters on fire on a massive scale
Crossbow (16) - Kills multiple monsters in a row with one arrow
Alien Gun (300) - Powerful electrical disharge. Resistance is futile!
Blob- thrower (200 )- Mechanical device designed to throw acid blobs.
RPG (10)  - Personal rocket equipped with explosive warhead. Deadly
Minigun (1000) - Ultimate home- defender

Besides your weapon, you can use the explosives items. So to use it, you need to use your finger in drawing from the selected power-up pattern to  the place you want to throw it and then you will see how explosion occurs to eliminate the enemies.
** Explosives **
Dynamite (20)- Explodes when dropped.Great for Turtles and Mosquitoes
Molotov (20)- Burns big groups of Monsters
Fridge (20)- Freezes monsters in its range so you can shoot them
Oil Can (20)- Explodes when hit and sets monsters on fire
Battery (20)- Slows down and electrocutes everything coming close to it
Acid Rain (20)- Poisonous and deadly rain, great against flying monsters.
Stop Sign (20)- Monsters might be evil, but they still respect traffic sings!
Airstrike (10)- Looks can be deceiving. This plane packs deadly bombs!
Stinky (20)- Makes monsters dead sick
A-bomb (1)- Wipes your backyard clean

Besides the weapons and explosives you need to upgrade your tower defense.
** Defense **
Wood - Reinforces your house and gives more health
Cousin Roy - Likes to sit around the house and eat bugs
Barricades - Gives extra protection and more health
Spikes - Protects the house and damages monsters that come close
Metal - Seriously reinforces your house and gives way more health
Oil Barrel - Slows down monsters when they are near the house
Aunt Misty- Help is finally here! Vicious Aunt to the rescue!
Mine - Explodes on contact. Appears at the start of each level.

I like the UFO part, it will come to steal your explosives item. So if you see the UFO appears quickly hit it so your explosive items will reappear. From there you can tap to it to retrieve it and back to your collection.

Take note of the cute yellow rubber ducks and gifts in the surface of the swap. Just tap them quickly to claim coins and power-ups and add this to your inventory.

There is 2 options to play the hard way or play the easy way. The easy way you need to download . Once you downloaded , you need to delete the Original version of Swamp attack you download earlier.

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