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7 Oct 2015

Powerbot for Google Calendar

Tutorial [教程] • 07 OCTOBER 2015
If you use Gmail or Google Calendar - Powerbot will allows you to link the notes and reminders in Evernote to your Google Calendar. Just follow the steps below its very easy

1. You need to install Powerbot for Google Calendar.  Click add to chrome. Bring Evernote to your calendar.

2. Add extension to your google chrome. 

3. Follow Step 1 , Step 2 and Step 3

4. Click allow - Powerbot for Google Calendar

5. Authorize Powerbot for Gcal to access your account

6. It will prompt you to use Powerbot for Google Calendar you need to authorize your Google and Evernote accounts on your website click the link.

7. Powerbot for Google Calendar would like to access your account- Click allow

8. Once you install the Powerbot you will see the button for inserting content from Evernote into the Description.

9. Insert the files you want it to be seen 

10. You will see the link above. That is the link I want to be attached. That's it you are done very simple. 

** Take note Powerbot will stop running after 29 days. Powerbot account will stop working, till you upgrade to the paid account. :(
Powerbot will automatically create a note in Evernote whenever you create an event on Google Calendar.

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