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19 Oct 2015

Pirated DVDs in China

Shanghai [上海] • 19 OCTOBER 2015
When you are in China, we assume everyone is aware of how big it is in piracy especially dvd's. My friends will always ask me to get for them. Do you notice sometimes the dvd's suck, because of the poor quality and if is english dvds, ( dub or subtitle not in sequence ). The movies are likely to be from the original version but because the dvds are compressed that makes it a poor quality. 

The best bet for good quality dvds in China is to buy from the department stores. But sometimes you are lucky to get a good on the street. Probably it will cost more in the department stores. Always stay away from movie that hasn't been released yet as you can be sure its recorded from the cinema. 

Competition in China is very competitive among vendors which is why prices are so low. The quality of dvd's has improved over the years. Basically the selection at illegal shop is often much better the at the legal ones and pirated copies have not been censored by the goverment. That's why the customers prefer the pirated copies. 

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