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4 Oct 2015

Nyonya Kuih @ Sri Weld Food Court, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 04 OCTOBER 2015  
Good location, at Lebuh Beach, it is a walking distance to the banks , so lots of people will have breakfast or lunch at the Sri Weld Food Court before they go to work. This food court is usually packed on weekdays lunch rush hour because it's located on the busy commercial area. It's an open air establishment with a variety of local hawker food. 

Pulut Tai Tai 
What is Nyonya Kuih, its a popular snack in South-east Asia. The multi coloured kuih come in all kinds of shapes and flavours. You will enjoy the nyonya kuih for breakfast or afternoon tea time. Although you can find the Nyonya Kuih in coffee shops, or markets but nowadays you can hardly seem them around.

Colours play an important part in Nyonya Kuih that attract our attention. Bright colours are for happy occassions.  Check out here for the Nyonya Colours

Pulut Tai Tai or Blue Glutinous Rice Cakes - Nonya Kueh Recipes are nonya kueh for a straits-born Chinese wedding specialty. The blue stained Glutinous Rice come from a flower name Bunga Telang or Blue Pea Flower usually serve with kaya (egg jam).

Venue name: Sri Weld Food Court 
Address: Lebuh Pantai
Opening hours: Daily, 9am-5pm


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