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8 Oct 2015

Basilica Da Estrela Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon [里斯本] • 08 OCTOBER 2015 
When you are in Lisbon you must visit Basilica da Estrela is an eye catching monument. Surrounded by beautiful Estrela Gardens. 

Queen Maria prayed that God would grant her an heir. In return, she vowed to build a basilica dedicated to the saints, to honor her faith. Once God granted her wish, the construction started immediately. Construction started in 1779 and the basilica was finished in 1790. Luckily the dome of Basilica da Estrela is open for visitors to visit, with an excellent view of the city and countryside. 

The huge church has a giant dome, and is located in a hill in what was at the time the western part of Lisbon and can be viewed from far away. The style is similar to the Mafra National Palace, in late baroque and neoclassical. The front has two twin bell towers and includes statues of saints and some allegoric figures.

A large quantity of grey, pink and yellow marble was used in the floor and walls, in intricate geometric patterns, one of the most beautiful in European churches. Several paintings by Pompeo Batoni also contribute to a balanced design. The tomb of the Queen Mary I is on the right transept. A famous nativity scene made by sculptor Joaquim Machado de Castro, with more than 500 figures in cork and terra cotta is a major attraction to visitors.

Vasco Da Game 
(Sines 1468/9 - Cochim 1524 )
Portuguese navigator who established the sea link between Portugal and India (1497 -1498 ), thus setting a new trade route which, for over a century, would grant the Portuguese supremacy in the Indian Ocean 

DIY method- use the traditional tram ( 25 or 28 ) transport to reach the Basilica da Estrela which runs between Praça do Comércio and the Basilica da Estrela. The Basilica is open every day from 7:30am to 8pm and is free. The closest metro station is Rato but you need to walk for 10-15 minutes walk along the Avenue De Alvares Cabral and through the park Jardim da Estrela. 

Interesting inside and outside. We were on a tour and no problem in waiting and we had the chance to walk around the nice park and the street market, will show more pictures of the street market on my next post. 

Basílica da Estrela
Praça da Estrela, 1200-667 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 21 396 0915

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