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24 Oct 2015

Ameya-Yokocho Market Ueno, Tokyo

Tokyo [東京] • 24 OCTOBER 2015 
If you are in Tokyo, must visit Ameyoko Yokocho market, located across from Ueno Station. This shopping street, famous throughout Japan for its wide variety of products, is centered in the area under the railway line from JR Ueno Station to Okachimachi Station. 

Red Octopus Tentacles

The street is always crowded. There are a lot of shops for about 600m, from Ueno station to Okachimachi station. You can find everything here, starting from clothes, bags, cosmetics, fresh fish, dried food and spices. It is also known as the traditional downtown street market and for reasonable price. 

Shopkeepers yelling out to the customers to get their attention. So many different shops, very interesting to shop around and check out items on sale.  We spent a lot of time just walking the market areas and looking at everything you could buy and eat.

Be prepared to find some special sea food that you might not seen it before like the whole octopuses soaking in their own blood, trays of giant octopus tentacles and also different type of fish, straight out of the Bay, sea worms, mollusks......

Aside from Fish and snacks there are also fresh fruit stands. Fruit is a luxury in Japan, and its expensive. In Ameya Yokocho the prices aren't expensive but they aren't cheap either. 

If you have more days in Tokyo, do not be afraid to venture here. You will be lucky enough like me to meet cute dogs in the baby pram. Heeee...Heee.....

Take the JR Yamanote line to Ueno Station, and take the exit for Ueno Park, once you approach the entrance to Ueno Park you'll see across the street the Yodobashii Camera building, just head over that way, and walk around 3 minutes, to the Ameya Yokocho market. Closed on Wednesdays avoid weekends. 

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  • Andrea_TheKitchenLioness

    Dear Candy, that market looks absolutely amazing - I love all the different kinds of pictures you took from fruits, to seafood to dogs in baby prams! Another wonderful and very interesting post with tons of great pictures to enjoy!

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