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20 Oct 2015

Add text box/text area in blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 20 OCTOBER 2015
Sometimes when you want to insert plain text in your blog post, but it doesn't show on your post. You need to create a text area so your HTML/Javascript can be copied. Once you create the text area it can be easily be copy/pasted into your own website or blog.


You can change the " Highlight All " to "Click Here" or etc......
You can change the Width or Height 

Paste your code and delete 
Tulis sesuatu tentang blog teman-teman disini, maka tulisan yang teman-teman semua tulis akan muncul di sini dan siap di copy oleh para pengunjung

All you need is to copy the code here
Text box is very important for a blog who are sharing blogger widgets or long codes. If you have a long html code and you want to share it in a post then you can easily add a small box in the post with scrolling option so that the visitor can easily copy and it will not make your post too long.

Tutorial credited to Maskolis

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