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30 Oct 2015

Dinner Char Koay Teow @ Siam Road, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 30 OCTOBER 2015
Every month we will visit Siam Road Char Koay Teow, but the queue is always very long and no place to seat and no place to park our car so we always asked for take away. The best time is to go in the evening. 

28 Oct 2015

Visiting Zhouzhuang Water Village Part 1

Zhouzhuang [周庄] • 28 OCTOBER 2015
Located about 30 km southeast of Suzhou in the heart of the "Jiangnan" (江南) region—the  "South of the Yangtze River" area between Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang—Zhouzhuang (周庄) is the most popular of the region's so-called "water villages".

25 Oct 2015

Set lunch at Karaikudi Queensbay Indian Spice Food Court, Penang

Start your day off with a quick Set Lunch deal RM 8.00 .Curry lovers - this is a must. Delicious curries to suit all tastes. Not only are the curries delicious but the prices are very reasonable.

24 Oct 2015

Ameya-Yokocho Market Ueno, Tokyo

Tokyo [東京] • 24 OCTOBER 2015 
If you are in Tokyo, must visit Ameyoko Yokocho market, located across from Ueno Station. This shopping street, famous throughout Japan for its wide variety of products, is centered in the area under the railway line from JR Ueno Station to Okachimachi Station. 

Red Octopus Tentacles

21 Oct 2015

Kedai Kopi Sin Hwa @ Jalan Burma, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 21 OCTOBER 2015 
I was walking around Pulau Tikus road to buy 4D. I stumbled upon this Kopi Tiam stall while taking a walk. There were many locals there enjoying their lunch. 

20 Oct 2015

Add text box/text area in blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 20 OCTOBER 2015
Sometimes when you want to insert plain text in your blog post, but it doesn't show on your post. You need to create a text area so your HTML/Javascript can be copied. Once you create the text area it can be easily be copy/pasted into your own website or blog.

19 Oct 2015

Pirated DVDs in China

Shanghai [上海] • 19 OCTOBER 2015
When you are in China, we assume everyone is aware of how big it is in piracy especially dvd's. My friends will always ask me to get for them. Do you notice sometimes the dvd's suck, because of the poor quality and if is english dvds, ( dub or subtitle not in sequence ). The movies are likely to be from the original version but because the dvds are compressed that makes it a poor quality. 

16 Oct 2015

Visit Penang Dental Dentist @ Burmah Road, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 16 OCTOBER 2015
When was the last time you went to the Dentist? I'm afraid of the dentist. For me its been like 2 years now, I think its time I visit again.

14 Oct 2015

Tea Time Special 3pm-6pm @ OLDTOWN White Coffee , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 14 OCTOBER 2015
When mid-afternoon rolls around and we find ourselves hungry head to Old town tea time available from 3pm- 6pm. Are you hungry at this hour? Open the menu see what you want to order. There will be a menu order list for you to tick.

12 Oct 2015

Swamp Attack get Unlimited Coins

Game [遊戲] • 12 OCTOBER 2015
If you are bored download Swamp Attack - entertaining games for iOS and android devices. At the beginning of the game its very simple as the game progress it will be a little bit difficult to play because you need to earn more coins to upgrade upgrade your weapons, explosives, defense.

11 Oct 2015

The Altis Park Hotel, Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon [里斯本] • 11 OCTOBER 2015
The Altis Park Hotel is a 4-star hotel near the Lisbon airport (8 subway stops away, 10 minutes driving), ideally situated and suited for events. 300 rooms, 11 meeting rooms, restaurants, garage parking.
Located in the vicinity of the Parque das Nações, 10 minutes away from Lisbon airport (5 km), Altis Park Hotel is situated on one of Lisbon's seven hills with breathtaking views overlooking the city and the Tagus River. Get acquainted with the location of the Altis Park Hotel .

10 Oct 2015

Beef Koay Teow @ Chulia St /Beach St, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 10 OCTOBER 2015
Just walking in, and seeing the beef, is enough to make you  realize why it’s such a famous kopitiam to eat beef noodles in Penang. This place is always packed so remember to grab your seat before ordering the delicious beef koay teow. 

8 Oct 2015

Basilica Da Estrela Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon [里斯本] • 08 OCTOBER 2015 
When you are in Lisbon you must visit Basilica da Estrela is an eye catching monument. Surrounded by beautiful Estrela Gardens. 

7 Oct 2015

Powerbot for Google Calendar

Tutorial [教程] • 07 OCTOBER 2015
If you use Gmail or Google Calendar - Powerbot will allows you to link the notes and reminders in Evernote to your Google Calendar. Just follow the steps below its very easy

4 Oct 2015

Nyonya Kuih @ Sri Weld Food Court, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 04 OCTOBER 2015  
Good location, at Lebuh Beach, it is a walking distance to the banks , so lots of people will have breakfast or lunch at the Sri Weld Food Court before they go to work. This food court is usually packed on weekdays lunch rush hour because it's located on the busy commercial area. It's an open air establishment with a variety of local hawker food. 

Pulut Tai Tai 

2 Oct 2015

Bricklin Bar Cafe @ Hin Bus Depot,Penang

Penang [檳城] • 02 OCTOBER 2015  
Bricklin Bar Café is located at the corner of Hin Bus Depot. Sitting inside the wonderful cafe you can see the beautiful art on display outside the field. As the bus station ( once abandoned ) has turned into an art-gallery site, it attracted a lot of visitors. This Bricklin Bar Cafe is well known for its coffee, handcrafted by baristas using locally roasted beans. 

1 Oct 2015 : How to redeem your rewards points ?

Tutorial [教程] • 01 OCTOBER 2015
There are many website to book your travel hotel. But I always choose because I have additional 7% discount off if I use my UOB Platinum Cards. If you don;t have the UOB Platinum Card you may use all UOB Cards and get 5% discount. 
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