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14 Sep 2015

Malaysia Day - Fuji Lenses Cash Back September 2015

Tutorial [教程] • 14 SEPTEMBER 2015
Best deal for Malaysia Day Celebration from 1- 30 September 2015 for those who are looking for fuji lens.  Get cash back from FUJIFILM when you purchase any of the lenses from their authorised dealers. Take note you are only entitled for the cash back rebate on one unit per model.

Currently I am using my kit lens XF 18-55mm F2.8-4.0 R and loving it. But if you love photography, you will always wanted to have more lens to play with. My wish is to have the XF23mm and XF 35mm. You can read more review from ( my favourite website )

Can a lens make you a better photographer?

Fujifilm 23mm f1.4 ( Estimate RM 2900- RM 3100)
When you think of a 35mm field of view, you think often about how it shows off exactly what the human eye sees and how the world’s photographers has documented much of history on these lenses. Though the 23mm isn’t a true 35mm, it still gives off the field of view on the X series system.
The 23mm f1.4 had a ton going for it: a great build quality, the equivalent field of view of a true 35mm lens, and a not too bad price point for what the lens really is. But for the price point, we expected better performance when shooting wide open. However, that isn’t to say that the lens is soft. Indeed, it surely isn’t–but perhaps our hopes were a bit too high with this lens.
Users who want this lens for the bokeh should know that it walks the line between creamy and hazy. Most folks will overall have no reason to complain about the results, but we still think that Fujifilm could have done an even better job with this lens given what they’ve been able to produce. Still though, the overall performance awarded the lens an Editor’s Choice award.

Fujifilm 35mm f1.4 ( Estimate RM 2000 - RM 2100)
Many still consider this lens to be the one lens that all others should be measured against. As one of the company’s first offerings, it is still surely amongst the most popular lenses for the system. It offers a near 50mm field of view and manages to balance out image quality, speed and size overall with build quality. Granted, it never used to be that way. Fujifilm has done lots and lots of work to the lens to improve its autofocus speed via firmware updates.
This lens for street photography, concerts, product photography and damned near everything. And it is a lens that we love whole heartedly not only for the image quality, but also the focusing speed.
Indeed, we think that it’s the best overall purchase that you can get for the system. The lens is sharp wide open, has beautiful bokeh, focuses quickly, is build like a tank, and is a quintessential small prime that the mirrorless camera world was designed to accommodate.
You won’t go wrong with this one.

How does the FUJIFILM Cash Back promo work?

Purchase the lens at any authorized FUJIFILM Malaysia dealer or reseller in the month of Sept 2015.

Then register your equipment for warranty online at

You will then receive an email asking you to provide FUJIFILM with your banking details.

Your cash back will processed within 30 working days upon approval. 
(see Terms and conditions below, item #6)

And then the cash back is banked in directly in to your bank account.

Terms and conditions

1. This promo applies only to the FUJIFILM / FUJINON Lenses purchased within the campaign period.

2. The promo is open to all residents in Malaysia with valid bank account in Malaysia.

3. To qualify for the cash back promotion:-

a. the purchaser must register their camera or lenses at within 14 days of purchase.
b. the purchaser must attach their Cash Receipt as proof of purchase.
c. the purchaser must provide FUJIFILM with valid banking details for the redemption of the cash back

4. Only FUJIFILM / FUJINON Lenses supplied by FUJIFILM (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd qualify for this cash back promo.

5. FUJIFILM (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd reserve the right to reject any cash back application if :-

a. The particular unit Serial Number was not distributed by Fujifilm (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
b. Improper supporting document (cash bill / receipt)
c. Purchase not within the promotion period.

6. Cash back (payment) will be issued within 30 working days after completion of verification process, any incomplete or wrong banking information will cause of payment delay.

7. Each purchaser is only entitled to the cash back rebate for one unit per lens model. Additional units of the same model will not qualify for the rebate.

8. XF18-55MM & XF18-135MM & XF27MM Kit lens are not entitle for cash back.

NOTE: Last submission on 14th Oct 2015 5.00pm (GMT +8)

If you have any questions regarding this promotion, you may contact us at:

Tel: +603-7958 4701 (Ms. Sharen)

Bottom line whatever lens you want it is going to cost you some money but since they have the cash back , I think is a pretty good deal to have an extra lens. 

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