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22 Sep 2015

Connect to free WiFi at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Penang

Tutorial [教程] • 22 SEPTEMBER 2015 
Whenever you go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, do you have any problem to connect to their WiFi? Here are the steps to follow if you cannot connect to their wifi. Is very simple. 

Android or iOS users - its the same look for Wi- Fi Coffeebean@ Straits Quay. Once is connected you need to Sign into Coffee Bean Web page. You should be able to see the picture above - it shows Sign into Wifi network. - Android User -
For iOS user sometimes you will not see a Sign into Wifi network box. So you need to go to your favourite browser, example Google Chrome and type any webpage example :  it will automatically redirect you the page below with the Coffee Bean Logo . 

You need to wait - take note of the seconds, wait till ZERO and it will bring you to a page above. 
"LOGIN" you need to login to facebook, key in your email and address and password. Click Login. If you don;t have a facebook account you need to "REGISTER".

Once successfully log in you will see the "Thank you for using Wowfi! " That's it you are ready to surf. It will bring you to facebook page just key in the website on the browser and hit enter. Happy Surfing!


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