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29 Aug 2015

Starbucks- Zhouzhuang - Cafe 周庄古镇

Shanghai [上海] • 29 AUGUST 2015
We were so happy to find Starbucks in Zhouzhuang. Its a beautiful cafe, very nicely renovated. There were no seats downstairs, so we had to enjoy our drink upstairs. This photo was taken from the window inside Starbucks. 


Look at the wonderful design very oriental with leather sofa and arm chairs. 
** Its a hassle although is Free Wifi because you need to register under a china mobile phone number. We didn't have the china mobile number so we ask the young boys to log in for us using their local mobile number. 

Another beautiful view from the window

Need to becareful when climbing up the stairs, a little bit narrow.  Here we are enjoying a hot americano. 


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