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8 Aug 2015

Shopping @ Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai

Shanghai [上海] • 08 AUGUST 2015
Where to shop in Shanghai ? Our favourite is the underground market at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. You can find anything here. 

Just take the Metro station to Science and Technology Museum (line 2) and into the underground mall you will be approached by the shopkeepers hounding you to come check out their stores. This place is known as "Fake Market” by the locals  (NewBalance, Converse and Vans , Nike , polo shirts, watches, bags, and DVDs. 

There are so many shops to see and all you need to do is bargain. If the shop don't give you the price you wanted , walk to the next shop they sell almost the same thing. We bought the NewBalance shoes, [RMB 160] and [RMB 60] for Converse.


Once you start to shop in Shanghai you need to buy big luggage to bring back all your stuffs back home. The luggage is not in a  super-high quality stuff, but they will get you out of the country a few times. We paid RMB 160 for a medium luggage. 

AP Plaza is Pudong's biggest "fake market",and its our favourite place to shop.  Try your best to offer 10% of the original asking price, and settle for somewhere between 10% and 30%. Have fun shopping out there. 

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai
2000 Shiji Da Dao,
near Yingchun Lu
地铁2号线上海科技馆站内, 世纪大道2000号, 近迎春路

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