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9 Aug 2015

Penang Burma Road Roasts Pork and Duck , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 09 AUGUST 2015
Yup, believe me once you try their BBQ pork and roast duck you will love it. Car park is a problem so we always take away. My grandma loves their roast duck, I forgot how much she paid because I was busy taking photographs. She paid around RM 22 - RM 26  for half duck including rice if I am not mistaken.

The roast pork had a crunchilicious skin and the meat itself was juicy and not overly salted like in many other Chinese BBQ joints. The place is small and there is the typical meat display where you see roasted duck and pig hanging from a hook in all its glory.

Its a good place to pick up your lunch boxes with their delicious meat for takeout. If you miss your chance to try their roast pork or duck, then you are missing out in life. Will definitely be going back again!!!

@ Kedai Kopi Kristal
Add: Junction of Burma Road and Codrington Ave, Pulau Tikus.
Tel: +6016 452 1238
Business hour: 11:00-15:00


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