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24 Aug 2015

3pm-6pm Tea Time @ Délifrance Queensbay , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 24 AUGUST 2015
Staying at home for a long period you will be bored, hangout with your friends in Délifrance ,Queensbay for the Tea time treats. The menu has changed.

Treat yourself with their delicious:
Pizza Baguette
Indulgent French High Tea
SET  for 1: RM9.90 
Macaron, Sliced Tea Cake, Mini Chouquett
SET for 2 : RM 19.90
Macaron, Mini Fruit tart, Sliced Tea Cake, Mini Chouquette
SET A : RM9.90 (RM 15.10)
Macaron, Mini Fruit Tart and Mini Chouquette
SET B : RM10.90 (RM13.20)
Mini Savory Tartlet with choice of egg,chicken,tuna or seafood fillings
Creme Brulee
Cake of the day
Pastry Delight
All sets are served with Coffee or Tea (complimentary refill) Add RM3 for upgrade to Cappuccino or Latte.

To me this tea time treats from Daily 3pm- 6pm is the best deal.


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