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6 Jul 2015

How to go to Zhouzhuang from Shanghai ?

Shanghai [上海] • 6 JULY 2015
There were many beautiful water towns in China, but we picked Zhouzhuang because Zhouzhuang was conferred the title of the "World's Most Charming Water Town" in 2006 by the California and Nevada governments in 2006 and was selected into "China's 50 Must-see Places for Foreigners". In 2012, Zhouzhuang grabbed the world's attention by ranking among CNN's "World's Top 10 Beautiful Towns" and the UN's "Global Excellent Ecological Scenery Zones".

Once you get out from the Exit 6 - Shanghai Indoor Stadium walk across the big zebra crossing to the other side. From there you will notice a magazine stand  and all the pictures below. 
We took the Shanghai Tourism Bus. But where is Shanghai Tourism Bus located in Shanghai? You need to go to Shanghai Indoor Stadium (Line 1 Red and Line 4 Purple) . Once you reach Shanghai Indoor Stadium go to Exit 6 to Caoxi walk across the road, and go left where you can see all the buses. Walk further down to look for Shanghai Tourism Bus. 

There are many Self Service trip - choose what you like. 

Go to  Shanghai  Indoor Stadium by metro (Line 1 Red and Line 4 Purple) ---->Shanghai Tourism Bus ----> Zhouzhuang ----> 150 RMB (each person ) included entrance fee and bus ride (return). Keep your ticket.

Our bus departed at 8:45am. We were there at 8:15am. Go to Gate 5 (1st level ) where the bus is. We went to buy the bus ticket in Basement 1 one day earlier. Go 1-2 days earlier to buy the bus ticket in case sold out. Each person cost 150 RMB included the Zhouzhuang entrance fee. Take note if you are Senior Citizen you will entitle a discount for the entrance fee in Zhouzhuang.  Show your ticket to the man in red jacket ( the person in charged) they will tell you when to board the bus. The journey took us 1.5 hours. The Tourism bus will drop tourists at Zhouzhuang followed by Tongli. The bus can accomodate 50 people but only 20 people in the bus ride. Besides ourselves the rest were local Chinese tourist from other part of China. 

** Important things to remember:
  1. the location where the bus driver will drop you. 
  2. the bus number plate
  3. the bus driver handphone number in case you need to call him
  4. the pick up time
  5. be puntual

On that day it was raining heavily luckily we had our umbrealla with us. Its very difficult to walk on a raining day with an umbrella and camera. The floor were wet and slippery. After awhile the rain stop. 

We enjoyed walking around all the alleys of Zhouzhuang. 

The locals live a peaceful life by the canal that contrasts with the busy life in the cities.

Zhouzhuang is close to Shanghai and has a similar culture, but keeps to an ancient way of living. The stone bridges, curved roofs and old waterways make up the town's unique infrastructure and more than 60 percent of the architecture is well preserved from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

Chen Yifei (陳逸飛, 1946-2005)

Chen Yifei is a central figure in the development of Chinese oil painting and is one of China's most renowned contemporary artists. Chen Yifei was born in 1946 in Ningbo, in coastal Zhejiang Province. When he was a child, his family moved to Shanghai, where he was to study Russian artists and Socialist Realism, China's official art style at the time. In 1965 he graduated from the Shanghai College of Art.

Zhouzhuang. A painting by Chen Yifei , "Remembrance of My Hometown", was exhibited in a New York gallery, and triggered the public’s interest in Zhouzhuang, a stunningly pristine village.

In 1984, one of China's most respected oil painters, Chen Yifei painted his masterpiece, Memory of My Hometown, of the Twin Bridges. The painting was first displayed in a gallery in New York owned by Armand Hammer, president of the US Occidental Petroleum Corporation. Hammer bought the work at a high price and presented it to the then Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping during a visit to China later that year. In 1985, the work was chosen by the United Nations to be one of its first day covers.

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