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28 Jul 2015

AirAsia 20% ALL Seats ALL Flights Promotion

Penang [檳城] • 28 JULY 2015
So always ask yourself how early do I need to book air asia tickets? Do I get a good deal if I book early ? When is the promotion ? Always take note if you book early prices may still go down a few weeks or months before the date. We kiasu we booked seats 4 months ahead (We wanted to depart on that particular date)  in advance and guess what 20% discount was offered 2 days after we have book.

Sigh! We would have save RM60 each. Hmmmm... Airasia is the cheapest low cost flights that depart from Bangkok - Don Mueang to Hongkong compare to other flights like Thai 600 , Hong Kong Airlines,( departs from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Take note AirAsia only 3 flights per day. We booked the earliest flight so we can arrive Hong Kong early in the morning. That particular flight always very popular.  So lesson learn join Airasia Facebook to get the latest promotion. On another hand we save some $$ because we book from Penang Airport to Bangkok - Don Mueang  with Airasia . From there we save back 20% rebate. 

Tips for booking
When the *red words* that indicate how many seats left you need to book quickly. If there is no * red words* indicating how many seats left, just be patient and wait for the promotion if available. 

20% All Seats - Worth it
Start to book now till 2 Aug 2015
Travel Period from 28 Jul - 30 Nov 2015

1 comment:

  • Ciana Carrie

    That has to stink, man. To learn that AirAsia is offering the 20% discount a couple of days after you purchased your flight...

    I don't mean taking AirAsia if it's domestic flight, but my desired destination is not eligible for the promotional rate. On the contrary, I think it'll benefit the students in Perth for their summer flight home. =)

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