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31 Jul 2015

Transformers street art @ Esplanade, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 31 JULY 2015
Do you know about this film? Transformers: Age of Extinction. If you don't please go and watch its so good especially the filming scene in Hong Kong along the market streets around Ki Lung Street in the Sham Shui Po district of Kowloon ,along the Tsing Sha Highway, across the Stonecutters Bridge, northwest of Hong Kong.

29 Jul 2015

CD/DVD Icon Not Showing in My Computer Window

Tutorial [教程] • 29 JULY 2015
Lately my PC desktop does not read any cds or dvds when loaded into it. I've tried inserting a couple of times into my desktop yet it cannot be detected. Could it be a dirty DVD or dirty lens. I clean off the DVD with a damp soft cloth yet it doesn't work.  I was really frustrated. Luckily I found the tutorial below and Method 2 solved my problem. 

28 Jul 2015

AirAsia 20% ALL Seats ALL Flights Promotion

Penang [檳城] • 28 JULY 2015
So always ask yourself how early do I need to book air asia tickets? Do I get a good deal if I book early ? When is the promotion ? Always take note if you book early prices may still go down a few weeks or months before the date. We kiasu we booked seats 4 months ahead (We wanted to depart on that particular date)  in advance and guess what 20% discount was offered 2 days after we have book.

27 Jul 2015

1st August 2015 Buffet at Morganfield, Gurney Paragon

Penang [檳城] • 27 JULY 2015
If you love the Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs, Sausages, Burgers, French Fries... remember to drop by in Morganfield, Gurney Paragon. On the 1st August 2015, do enjoy the Birthday Bash ( all you can eat BUFFET ) at Morganfield, Gurney Paragon from 6pm - 11pm. 

26 Jul 2015

Union Street Kareem Pasembur, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 26 JULY 2015
Have u tried Kareem Pasembur, located at Union Street opposite Maybank. We always drive pass there but never eaten there before. But only heard recently from other bloggers that serve the best tasting Pasembur in Penang. If you want to go there avoid lunch crowd. Or else there won't be any seats available. 

The Chef  is Abdul Kareem Yusoof

23 Jul 2015

Healy Mac's Irish Bar Tuesday Promotion @ Straits Quay, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 23 JULY 2015
Promotion on Every Tuesday .Buy a bucket of Budweiser or Corona and get FREE 12" Margarita Pizza. From 12pm to 11pm . You must try their delicious Pizza Margarita normal price - RM 30 homemade Pizza dough. Tomato sauce and Mozzerella cheese imported from Italy. Superb! Its so good. 

Don Corleones favourite!
12" Pizza - Large (Only 1 size) 3-4 person - Pizza Margarita - RM 30 

21 Jul 2015

How to Display Most Commented Post in Blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 21 JULY 2015
Have you seen Most commented widget that shows the list of most people commented. I always wanted to have that widget on my blog and finally I found the tutorial from Helpolgger Blogspot.

20 Jul 2015

Xujiahui Catholic Church ( St. Ignatius Cathedral), Shanghai

Shanghai [上海] • 20 JULY 2015
St. Ignatius Cathedral, Shanghai (聖依納爵主教座堂), also referred to as Xujiahui Cathedral (徐家汇天主教堂), is a Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral, located in Xujiahui, in Shanghai, China. Since 1960, St Ignatius has been the seat of the Bishop of Shanghai and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shanghai.

18 Jul 2015

Penang Bon Odori Festival 25 July 2015 @ Esplanade, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 18 JULY 2015
When you visit Penang pop in and enjoy the Japanese cultural festival this year with exciting games, mouth watering Japanese food, exotic performances and more. It will be held on 25 July 2015 from 6.00pm to 11.00pm at the Esplanade.Bon Odori, a traditional and merry Japanese festival that is celebrated with dance and lively drum performances to welcome the homecoming of ancestral spirits.

17 Jul 2015

China King @ Guardar Calle Ponzano, Real Madrid

Real Madrid [皇家馬德里] • 17 JULY 2015.
Its getting late and everyone was hungry. We were craving for a bowl of rice, and glad we came to China King Restaurant where they served delicious chinese ala carte food.

16 Jul 2015

Ginza Japanese Restaurant @ Vantage Desiran Tanjung, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 16 JULY 2015
It was our first time here even though we have heard a lot of good reviews from our friends. There are ample of car park around (free parking) and luckily we got a good table.  We ordered their set lunch were utterly delicious. Price for set lunch is very reasonable. 

13 Jul 2015

Casa Milà (La Pedrera) | Casa Batlló | Barcelona 1

Barcelona [ 巴塞罗那 ] • 13 JULY 2015
Casa Milà, popularly known as ‘La Pedrera’ (the stone quarry), an ironic allusion to the resemblance of its façade to an open quarry, was constructed between 1906 and 1912 by Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926). For its uniqueness, artistic and heritage value have received major recognition and in 1984 was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, for its exceptional universal value.

11 Jul 2015

Sotong Bakar (No.87) A1 @ Gurney Drive Hawker Centre , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 11 JULY 2015
When you mention Gurney Drive Hawker food, everyone knows it is a food paradise. There are so many different vendors to chose from. We found this Sotong Bakar [87 A1] selling the best grill dried cuttle-fish with different parts to choose from. Price varies according to the size of the cuttle-fish.

9 Jul 2015

TMNET : How to Test Your Modem working or not?

Tutorial [教程] • 09 JULY 2015
Yesterday my Internet service was fine and today it's not. The problem can be something major but is more likely something minor. I disconnected and reconnected the modem cords , on and off the switch , yet still no internet.  These kinds of problems can be frustrating. 

8 Jul 2015

Wang Cafe Singapore @ Changi Airport T1 ,Singapore

Singapore [新加坡] • 8 JULY 2015
If you are in Singapore Airport you must try the delicious Wang local cafe. Their signature dishes , laksa, mee rebus, chicken curry, ...We love the toast bread because it uses brown sliced bread and toasts it in a traditional way over hot grills to give it a cripsy texture and fragrance. Choose their signature kaya spread , yummy. 

6 Jul 2015

How to go to Zhouzhuang from Shanghai ?

Shanghai [上海] • 6 JULY 2015
There were many beautiful water towns in China, but we picked Zhouzhuang because Zhouzhuang was conferred the title of the "World's Most Charming Water Town" in 2006 by the California and Nevada governments in 2006 and was selected into "China's 50 Must-see Places for Foreigners". In 2012, Zhouzhuang grabbed the world's attention by ranking among CNN's "World's Top 10 Beautiful Towns" and the UN's "Global Excellent Ecological Scenery Zones".

3 Jul 2015

How to disable images right click in Blogspot / Blogger ?

Tutorial [教程] • 3 JULY 2015
Browse your favourite photos and save an image by right click the image then click the " save as ". Now I want to protect my pictures from the website. You can disable right click by following the tutorial below : 

1 Jul 2015

Wok Buffet, Badajoz- Spain

Badajoz [巴达霍斯] • 1 JULY 2015
Located in Badajoz, Spain we were glad that Lye Peng our travel agent found this place for us. 
Wok Buffet is a unique all you can eat cooking buffet restaurant. You can enjoy the finest and freshest of Western and Oriental cuisine prepared right in front of your eyes. 

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