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2 Jun 2015

Solostream Wordpress Themes

Tutorial [教程] • MAY 2015
The Ultimate Business Wordpress Themes
Keeping your website alive, engaging and stylish is important for your business. If you are using the Wordpress platform, you will find that there are numerous Wordpress themes that can optimize your business website presence. The websites can be of different categories or niche and businesses need to provide professionalism when it comes to designing their websites to convey the right message to their potential customers. Your website will be the first connection your business will have to your potential customers. This makes making a good impression important. Here are some of the best choices of Wordpress themes for business that can make your business look professional and trustworthy in design and in giving a reliable viewing experience to your eCommerce website visitors.

This eCommerce Wordpress theme provides a plugin that you can easily integrate into your website design. It has page specific layouts that you can choose to use in just a few clicks of the mouse. You can sell anything on your site by using the flexible designs and layouts available for your online shop. Upload the image of your items, add the description and the prices and you are ready to sell and earn profits from your online store. 


Whether you want to build your own business blog, create your own portfolio or showcase your own photography works, this business theme for Wordpress is a good option. It comes with a minimalist design with some customization options. Your featured images can easily transition smoothly with scrolling animations and numerous font icons to match your products and services. Other features include a visual composer, slider and sticky menu.

This is a perfect theme for an online marketer who wants to build an email database of prospect customers. The theme comes with an integrated built in video email capture that is available directly on the home page. You can easily engage your visiting customers while having the opportunity to make follow-up of your business offers and make your customers engaged to your business.

Moesia Pro

This Wordpress theme is created to provide the website owner with an attractive full page header anyway you like it: slider, video or a static image. This page layout is complemented by animations that can express your business tag line or information. Engage your website visitors to your business by integrating some social network features to your online shop.


This theme is designed with an advanced control panel, a multiple page layout and impressive customization options. You can be creative even without being a pro at HTML. It has a convenient home page constructor and is mobile ready. 


This theme is built with advanced features, such as touchscreen, retina ready, and highly responsive layout. The professional looking theme gives your customers an impression that you take your business seriously. There are sliders, highly customizable menus, header image that you can customize and interactive AJAX search. 

If you prefer the minimalist style of a website design, this theme from Solostream is a perfect one of your preference. The theme layout is simple, clear and professional looking. Its design is flexible and gives a strong impression about the quality of your business website, products and services. It can also provide an elegant magazine like website style for your business.


This theme has a clean and simple layout. As the theme name goes, the design is flat and plain. It gives the user the chance to build and create their own style from scratch using the drag and drop feature of the theme. There are also pre-designed templates that you can select if you find yourself running out of creative ideas when designing your business site. 

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