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1 Jun 2015

By Subway | Tokyo Disney Sea Part 2 , Tokyo

Tokyo [東京] • JUNE 2015
When you are in Tokyo Disney Sea you must take the Venetian Gondolas is a gondola ride located at the Mediterranean Harbor area. Each gondola is steered by two gondoliers and has a seating capacity for 16 guests. 

The gondola will be steered out into a canal that leads to the Mediterranean Harbor. Guests will be asked by the gondoliers to say "Ciao!" to other gondola guests or the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line guests. The gondoliers will also sing a song as the gondola returns to the loading area. The ride lasts for about 11.5 minutes.

Venetian Gondolas do not operate when shows are being set up and performed in Mediterranean Harbor.

Tower of Terror
In New York, 1912, stands the hotel known as the "Tower of Terror," so called after the mysterious disappearance of its owner in 1899. Now, the New York City Preservation Society has finished restoring the infamous hotel, and started giving tours to the public. But what happens when you take the elevator to the top floor...? This is a high-speed, free fall-type attraction through pitch darkness. You'll also find many mysterious artifacts as you make your way through the hotel. We skipped that- we were afraid.

This steamer line travels the waters of Tokyo DisneySea. Board here, from the Mediterranean Harbor dock, for a voyage to Lost River Delta. 
You'll have a great view of bustling New York City, a marina of the future, the depths of the jungle, and more. Enjoy the gentle breeze as you travel along on the waters.

This route takes you from the dock nearest to the entrance of the Park all the way to the farthest port of Lost River Delta. You can fully enjoy the ever-changing landscape and stories from the knowledgeable captain on this relaxing voyage.

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