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22 Apr 2015

Juice Jam : Tips & Strategy Guide

Game [遊戲] • APRIL 2015
Juice Jam, its a hit game if you love to play game like Candy Crush, Poko Poko, Cookie Jam, its a puzzle game with fruity challenges. All you have to do is match and flip the fruit in order to trigger boosters. Its fun because your customers will always give you a happy or upset mood. Just watch your customers and you will understand. There will be tons of levels and new exciting level each time you complete. 

Before you start the game remember to log in to "Facebook" . Ensure your facebook account is linked to your game. Every game you play you need "Lives" You can ask from your facebook friend or you need to pay 25 coins to refill 4 lives. You will be given 50 coins (free) You can buy the coins once is finish. For us we will wait for the "lives" free refill - every 30 minutes - free 1 live.

You will be give 3 Boosters - 3 each
  • Juice Geyser: Removes a column of fruit (Green)
  • Juice Wave: Removes a row of fruit (Red)
  • Juice Blast: Removes a single piece (Blue)
Take note of your Customers Order try to complete so it will quickly go to the next order. But if you failed your customers will be very upset.

Try and make super fruits (4-5 in a row, or combining fruits in different ways) to clear hard levels. Combining super cookies will also create a new effect that can sometimes clear almost an entire board!

  • Matching 4 pieces will create a Blaster piece. This piece, when activated, will shoot out a beam and instantly match all pieces in the row or column it’s in.
  • Matching pieces in a square formation will shoot out a rocket, which will randomly create a Blaster piece of that same type.
  • Matching 5 pieces will create the rainbow piece. Moving this piece onto any other regular piece type will instantly match all pieces of that type no matter their position on the board!
  • Matching 6 pieces will create the super magnet. When this magnet is dragged into any other piece, it will attract pieces of that type from all over the board. They will surround the magnet and then immediately be matched. When they’re moving towards the magnet, they will shift other pieces around!

Currently you will be a true Juice Jammer if you completed all the 140 levels. Sad news is that Juice Jam is available on iOS devices which include iPads. Hopefully in near future we can play in Facebook and Android devices. 

The above is Level 140. It took me 9 days to complete the game. Now waiting for the next level. Very wonderful game once you started you will be addicted.

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