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9 Apr 2015

Ah Seng Roasted Chicken Wing @ Song River Gurney Drive, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 9 APRIL 2015
If you need a can of beer and enjoy the sea breeze , you must have a side dish to quench your thrist. So where to go ? You must visit Ah Seng roasted chicken wing in Gurney drive. The roasted chicken wing are well marinated. Once you start you cannot stop. 

Here are the price list :
Mushroom Chicken Feet (S) RM4 (M) RM5 (B) RM7
Chicken Wing (min 2 pcs) - RM 2.20 each
Chicken Drumstick - RM 6
Whole Chicken - RM18
Bishop Nose (10pcs) - RM 5

We always order the Chicken Wing. It goes so well with beer. 

Ah Seng Roasted Chicken Wing 松花江茶室
Song River hawker center, Gurney drive
Telephone: 017-4777938
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 6:00pm till 00:00 Midnight


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