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17 Mar 2015

How to Turn On Predictive Text on my Android

Tutorial [教程] • MARCH 2015
Android introduced a predictive text bar that is very useful. A predictive text keyboard powered by a bilingual dictionary, it works when you're texting, emailing or using your favourite apps, putting split-second word lookups at your fingertips. I love that features. 

Go to " Messages" - create a new message and swipe down you will see - Choose Input Method- samsung keyboard. Click on it. 
Or you can go to "CONTROLS" and choose "Language and Input"  you will see the Samsung Keyboard.

Click on " Samsung Keyboard"

Click on the "Icon" on the right

Take note of the Predictive Text- Click "ON" green light 

Predictive text is just one of those things you either love it or hate it. Is a matter of facts that you get use to it. 

Predictive text available for Android Version 4.4.2

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