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22 Feb 2015

Unblock Youku - How to watch Youku outside Mainland China

Tutorial [教程] • 22 FEBRUARY 2015
We always wanted to watch chinese movies from Youku. But each time when you try playing the video it will show " Sorry , this video can only be streamed within Mainland China. " Aren't you frustrated?

So you need to Unlock YouKu. Go to plugin for Google Chrome browser, which allow overseas internet user to watch the blocked drama using your browser. The Plugin not only able to support YouKu (优酷),but it also support Tudou (土豆网站), Sohu(搜狐视频), LeTV(乐视), iQiyi (奇艺), PPTV Web Version (网页版PPTV), QQ (腾讯视频) and much more.

Type on the
Search The Store

youku unblock

Add into your google chrome

Do not do or change any of the settings after installation, just refresh the page  and you will be able to watch online. Youku is popular video sharing website in China which is very similar to YouTube. 

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