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4 Feb 2015

Souvenier Shop Gonzalez Artesania Toledana, Toledo

Toledo [托莱多] • 4 FEBRUARY 2015
Do you love to buy souvenirs while you're abroad. For me is a must. There are many types of souvenirs that have practical worth and can be used regularly. My favourite collections are fridge magnets. 


When we buy stuff from souvenir shops it may help us with specific memories of the places. There are also often sculptures available of figures with historical or religious significance to the region you are visiting. 

Many of us including myself have a bad habit of buying a lot of souvenirs and eventually they were unused, unpacked, unworn and stuffed in the drawers or cupboards and never to be seen again.  So to bring home souvenir we need to ensure that they are of interest to ourselves so they will not go be thrown away. 

Depending on your preferences, you can find souvenirs that fit your lifestyle and will bring back fond memories of your trip for years to come.
a. gonzalez artesania toledana, Toledo

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