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1 Feb 2015

Johny Kenthir, Maskolis, Blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 1 FEBRUARY 2015
Do you love Newspaper Template. I do but each time when I installed the newspaper template my blog page is blank. Nothing seems to appear on my blog.

After searching and learning from others out there, I need to add label in each post , all posts need a label to show up, if you don't add a label in your posts it will not be shown. Fill all your layout with labels to make the template running in good condition. Here is how to add a label.


In Blogger, “labels” are very important to help categorize the content.  The labels appear at the bottom of your posts and are linked to a search label page in Blogger. 

For example : PENANG 檳城 - my label -

That is my label:檳城%5D

Go to your template - Configure HTML/JavaScript and Click edit 

Copy the code below and paste on the HTML/JavaScript and click save.
You will see your post on your new template. 

Below are a few beautiful newspaper/magazine template to download. 
2. Maskolis 

If you like my template , we are using Johny Kenthir, Template Ramai Seperti Pasar Tradisional- you can check out the tutorial.

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