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8 Feb 2015

Farm Heroes Saga Tips

Game [遊戲] • FEBRUARY 2015
I really like candy crush saga but I love this game even more. I've only had it for a few days and I'm already addicted to it. The only down fall to it is you have difficulty in connecting to Facebook. But other than that I love it. This makes me excited to have a new game to start and I've already reached so many levels.

For beginners who never play Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga now is the time to read some basic before you start.
– The Basics
You need to match 3 or more of the same colour or same kind.  In Farm Heroes Saga levels, you need to  match crops together to meet certain quotas. At the end of every level, you’ll get a rating (out of 3 stars). This rating is called your Growth Rate. You need one star in order to clear a level. But of course the more star the better. 

Making better than 3-in-a-row matches also contributes to these Crop Bonuses in different ways:
-4 in a row matches will give you a +2 where you’d otherwise get a +1 bonus
-5 in a row matches will send orbs flying across the level, giving +1 bonuses to distant crops
-6 crop matches will cause light to shoot out in all four directions from the match, which will add +1’s to all crops in that line and column.


Take note of the Heart icon it represents your lives. You will have only 5 lives . If you’ve got no lives left, you’re going to have to wait a while, and ask from your facebook friends. 

The Bean icon represents your Magic Beans. You will earn more beans if you score good in your level. The animals are ready to help you. Collect and feed them Magic Beans so they will help you in your level. Don't worry you will earn more Magic Beans by completing levels and from friends. 

There will be 5 Boosters ( Boosters recharge over time. Use them for free in a few hours or buy more)
-5 extra Moves . Give you 5 extra moves at the start of the level
-Shovel Booster. Removes cropsies, cracks eggs, grows flowers, and fills buckets.
-Super Fruit. Super Fruit collects all nearby cropsies and adds +2 to their value.
-Turbo Tractor. Removes 3 lines of cropsies at once. 
-Amelia's Airdrop. Adds 6 cropsies of one type to the board.

The Gold icon shows your current Gold level. Instead of spending money to get extra turns or boosts, you can spend Gold instead. You start out Farm Heroes Saga with 20 free gold, but all the rest you’re going to have to pay for.

Farm Heroes Saga is a an excellent game published by King is available for playing in Facebook game app. The cute elements with funny facial details and expression : water, sun, crops, and animals will certainly make you addicted to the game.
Always connect to facebook if not your level will not be updated.

If you are stuck in certain level and need help visit : Farm Heroes Sage Level Help

Farm Heroes Saga - Android Apps on Google Play
Farm Heroes Saga on the App Store on iTunes - Apple

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    Hello,nice tips.I have some words to say.The gameplay variation is cunning and I truly enjoyed that, and putting in free boosters on a cooldown timer is without a doubt a step in the direction of fairness.The game gets incredibly hard before long, which is a positive in my books,yet your mileage on that will vary depending on how stubborn you are.Similarly as with the greater part of King's games, the adaptation aspects hold Farm Heroes Saga back from being everything it could be.You'll gone through your lives pretty fast on harder stages, and those gates aren't going anyplace for now.Still,regardless of the possibility that you don't intend to pay a cent,there's a considerable amount of content here, and for match-3 fans,I think its worth a play.Best wishes.

    Lisa Moore.

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