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17 Feb 2015

Error: 0xC004D307 Remove Windows Not Genuine ERROR

Tutorial [教程] • FEBRUARY 2015
Though I am providing a solution,this is just to avoid temporary problem.Always use or get a genuine version of windows as it gives full interface and protection to your PC or laptop.

Steps to Remove Windows Not Genuine
Follow the steps below. Check out the tutorial :
1. Click Start and type cmd in start menu search box .
2. Right click the cmd.exe and choose run as administrator
3. Choose yes if it asks.
4. Now Now in the command prompt window, type slmgr -rearm and press enter
5. Restart your system. Try to restart your system twice.
6. You are done

Go to Start and type "Regedit" on the search button. 


Look for "SOFTWARE"

Look for "MICROSOFT"

Look for Windows NT

Look for Software Protection Platform

It will last for 30 days up to a maximum of 3 times only. Once you have exceeded the maximum (3) allowed when trying to Remove Windows Not Genuine , the following method will help you to fix.
If you have exceeded the maximum allowed, you will get an error message just like this,
 ” Error: 0xC004D307 The maximum allowed number of re-arms has been exceeded. You must re-install the OS before trying to re-arm again “

Look for  “SkipRearm”=dword:00000000
Change to "1"


Locate the following in your Windows Registry,

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSoftwareProtectionPlatform]
and look for

You will see 00000000 – simply change it to 00000001. It is easy.

It shows 0X00000001(1) 

After all the tutorial above , what if you still see the the copy of "Windows is not genuine" in the bottom right corner of the desktop

Install Remove WAT is the best option ever . Remove WAT will surely works like a charm. Follow the simple steps and get rid of the error. Once downloaded double click it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.Immediately after installing RUN it and click on Remove WAT. It takes about 1-2 minutes and your PC will restart. Once done, you’re free from this error. You will not see "Windows is not genuine " on your screen.


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