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27 Feb 2015

Char Koay Kak @ Union Primary School Jalan Burma, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 27 FEBRUARY 2015
Its hard to find delicious char koay kak in Penang nowadays. Normally I will takeway the char koay kak for supper. Koay kak is a square rice cake fried with lard in a big flat frying pan with dark and light soy sauces. 

24 Feb 2015

Confortel Pío XII Hotel, Madrid

Real Madrid [皇家馬德里] • 24 FEBRUARY 2015
Where to Stay in Madrid? Here's our pick of the best places to stay in Madrid, Confortel Pio XII . Confortel Pío XII hotel is situated in the northern zone of Madrid, right within the financial and business centre of the city. The Chamartín train station and the M-30 highway as well as Plaza de Castilla are close-by. It is a perfect hotel for your business needs which has 214 rooms, free Wi-Fi, Internet Point, hotel parking, bar, cafeteria and restaurant. 

22 Feb 2015

Unblock Youku - How to watch Youku outside Mainland China

Tutorial [教程] • 22 FEBRUARY 2015
We always wanted to watch chinese movies from Youku. But each time when you try playing the video it will show " Sorry , this video can only be streamed within Mainland China. " Aren't you frustrated?

21 Feb 2015

How to add Ads below Post Body in blogger blogs

Tutorial [教程] • 21 FEBRUARY 2015
I always wanted to add ads below post body because I believe readers will spent more time looking at the ads compare to that the content of sidebar. But to increase more revenue and engagement with our ads we can use these techniques to increase our income or CTR (Click Through Rate).

18 Feb 2015

Mime artist in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Barcelona [ 巴塞罗那 ] • 18 FEBRUARY 2015
Have you seen mime artists perfoming in the streets of Barcelona? A mime artist is someone who acts with their body motions, without use of speech. Mime had became a form of entertainment that attracted many passerby. If you are there you must not miss it. 

17 Feb 2015

Error: 0xC004D307 Remove Windows Not Genuine ERROR

Tutorial [教程] • FEBRUARY 2015
Though I am providing a solution,this is just to avoid temporary problem.Always use or get a genuine version of windows as it gives full interface and protection to your PC or laptop.

15 Feb 2015

Marshall's Burger Bay Avenue , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 15 FEBRUARY 2015
If you're a burger person, this place is a must to visit. We stopped by this place after shopping at Queensbay. It was probably around 12:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon. As usual we can't find a car park so we have to park inside the Bay Avenue car park. 

14 Feb 2015

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng at Jalan Burmah, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 14 FEBRUARY 2015
Where is Famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng?  You can find the stall in Seng Lee Coffee Shop located at the junction of Burmah Road and Bangkok Lane.

11 Feb 2015

Solar Energy in Spain Part 2

Spain [西班牙] • 11 FEBRUARY 2015
Solar power is energy from the sun and without its presence all life on earth would end. Solar energy has been looked upon as a serious source of energy for many years because of the vast amounts of energy that are made freely available, if harnessed by modern technology.

8 Feb 2015

Farm Heroes Saga Tips

Game [遊戲] • FEBRUARY 2015
I really like candy crush saga but I love this game even more. I've only had it for a few days and I'm already addicted to it. The only down fall to it is you have difficulty in connecting to Facebook. But other than that I love it. This makes me excited to have a new game to start and I've already reached so many levels.

7 Feb 2015

Potato and Pumpkin Mash with Garlic

RECIPE [烹飪法] • FEBRUARY 2015
Regardless of the season, pumpkin are always a versatile, healthy option for a colorful, filling meal. My mom always ask me to have breakfast. Why? Because is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it give us energy to start a new day, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance. 

5 Feb 2015

Kuih Kapit with Bakhu - Wei Shang Mary @ Gurney Song River

Penang [檳城] • 5 FEBRUARY 2015
Chinese New Year just around the corner, now is a great time to grab chinese goodies. But when is Chinese New Year 2015? Its coming soon 19 Feb 2015. So normally what is the most popular Chinese New Year goodies to grab. To name a few, Bak Kwa , Love Letters, Peanut Cookies, Kueh Bangkit, Pineapple Tart and Kuih Kapit......

4 Feb 2015

Souvenier Shop Gonzalez Artesania Toledana, Toledo

Toledo [托莱多] • 4 FEBRUARY 2015
Do you love to buy souvenirs while you're abroad. For me is a must. There are many types of souvenirs that have practical worth and can be used regularly. My favourite collections are fridge magnets. 

1 Feb 2015

Johny Kenthir, Maskolis, Blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 1 FEBRUARY 2015
Do you love Newspaper Template. I do but each time when I installed the newspaper template my blog page is blank. Nothing seems to appear on my blog.

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