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21 Jan 2015

Mee Goreng CRC @ Seong Huat Larut Road , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 21 JANUARY 2015
I have been to this place many times. The young smart handsome chef is ever ready to fry my mee goreng. He was busy dishing out plates after plates of fried/braised noodles. I asked and found out that the the young chap is a second or third-generation chef , since CRC Mee Goreng has been operating for decades. 

Add those green chilli its so good

They offer 2 types of special dishes - the Mee Goreng: fried noodles, Indian-style. - ingredients consist of mutton/octopus,vegetable fritters, boiled potatoes, egg, tomatoes & tofu cubes, all fried together. Non-spicy or spicy are available.  A squeeze of lime is added to enhance the taste. The other noodle dish is the Mee Rebus, same ingredients used and the noodles are par-boiled instead of being fried if you love it soupy. 

Delicious Fried Mee Goreng with Sotong RM 5

So where can you find it these days? 

Kedai Makanan Seong Huat, formerly known as Larut Cafe, is a hawker centre in George Town, Penang. It is located at the junction between Larut Road and Bawasah Road.

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