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29 Jan 2015

How to Renew your Malaysian Passport in Penang, Malaysia

Penang [檳城] • 29 JANUARY 2015
Today I went to Immigration Office in Penang (Georgetown) to renew my passport as it will expire on the 7th October 2015. 

Arrive at 8:50am looked for carpark very difficult to find. Eventually have to park at Multi-Storey next to Maybank which is 6 storey , you must park at 5th or 6th level as the rest of the carparks are reserved. Took about 3 minutes to walk to the immigration department.

So happy no one

At 9:06am - Took the number from the counter. I was given number 1129 when they are serving number 1051. Which means 1000 over applicants were ahead of me. No wonder when I reached there at 9am no one at the entrance. I was late. After receiving the number I was thinking of going for breakfast but on another hand I was afraid that I might miss my turn. When they were serving number 1069 I decided to go for breakfast ( stomach growling ) as I calculated that it will take another hour before my turn. So I went for Nasi Lemak breakfast. 

Still very crowded after my return from breakfast  estimate 10:35am

Finally at 11:05am they called my number to Counter 2. I am very happy to rush to the counter and shocked to hear that I need to remove my contact lenses. Gosh I do not have my contact lenses solution and case with me. Oh what must I do! Hmmm... I have to think fast, took out my tissue paper , stood at the counter and took out my contact lenses and wrapped them up in the tissue paper. You can go to the toilet to wear back your contact lenses if you need a mirror. ( Go outside the building and turn right ) After that , I had to wear the black coat and sat down with a "SMILE"- for the photo to be taken. Even though you have your own photo it cannot be used. They will take your photo- FOC ( free of charge). They need thumb print. 
*** Remember those who wear contact lenses, bring along your contact lenses solution and case with you. 

Notice the Black Coat and the seat and the camera. Just sit and smile.


After that wait for your NAME  to be call. Once my name was called I need to go to Counter 6 to pay RM 200. See the receipt above they will give you a time to come back for collection. I need to come back at 12:15pm, I still have 1 hour to wait. This gave me the opportunity to spend my time in Kopitan Classic Beach Street. They have free wifi and free portable power bank charger for you to charge your phone. Cool! 

Go to the front counter again to collect my new number. I was given number 2135 at 12:15pm. Once you collect the number go to counter 8 and drop your receipt into a box. Wait for your number to be call again. 

They have served 2132, so 3 more people and I will collect my new passport. I only need to wait for 6 minutes. Tick Tock Tick Tock , I was given a new passport. So happy 5 years extension will see ya in July 2020.  My old passport validity was October 2015. ( however I applied earlier for extension I have lost 4 months of validity). Total process starting from 9:06am - 12:25pm. Just nice, time to go for lunch. 

For Renewal
1. You need to bring your OLD PASSPORT and MY KAD
2. Passport Photo will be taken in the Pejabat Imigresen. They will ask you to wear a collar jacket provided there. If you wear contact lenses, remove it wear your spectacles. 
3. Office Open at 7:30am be there early , you need to make your passport payment before 4pm so you can collect on the same day.
4. Bring RM 200 for your passport renewal payment for 5 years. 

Pejabat Imigresen Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Address :Leboh Pantai
10550 Pulau Pinang
Telephone:04-250 3410
Fax :04-262 8090
Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday : 7.30 am - 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Friday : 7.30 am - 12.15 pm and 2.45 pm - 5.30 pm


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